On May 26th, Amber Guzman and I had an awesome time during our return visit to K-Pig 107.5, with Kiki Wow!

Recent airplay on KSPB! 

Thanks to my awesome son, D.J. Jimmy-Shimmy, my recordings "The Heart of the Matter" remix (2012), "Everything Else" (from The Original Standards Project) and "Just Like Heaven" have all received recent airplay on KSPB 91.9. Here is a link to the station:

Now it can be told: 

When I was a teenager, I called up the folk musician and archivist for the Library of Congress, Joe Hickerson, and asked if I could be one of his back-up singers. He rather coldly said, no. I meant well, but apparently my paradigm was all wrong: a rock & roll fantasy placed onto folk music was simply too weird for him to handle. 

Now, all these many years later, I simply hope to do my "right work" with integrity - with or without back-up singers. If I can look myself in the mirror on a daily basis, I'll know I'm on the right track.   

So come on in, pull up a chair, and enjoy your visit!  I'm a celebrity here online - my last CD earned me $43. 

- Nicole Dillenberg

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Previous events

Kiki Wow & Wowettes visit K-Pig 107.5 FM!

Freedom, California

Amber Guzman and I had a fantastic time shooting the breeze with Sleepy John, during our return appearance to K-Pig, with Kiki Wow!

Kiki Wow on K-Pig radio with the Wowettes!

Freedom, California - 107.5FM

I'm thrilled to be back on K-Pig radio, backing up the brilliant and talented Kiki Wow (of Kiki Wow Presents). Thanks to Sleepy John, and all the gang at 107.5 on your FM dial. Woo-hoo!

(photo of Amber Guzman and Nicole Dillenberg [the "Wowettes"] by Patricia Triumpho Sullivan ... with Kiki's husband Greg Edenfield in the background)