Joan Baez and Bob Dylan Tribute Show at Haute Enchilada

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 Haute Enchilada
 $12/in advance; $15/at the door

The great folk revival of the '60s continues to haunt many who heard great artists rise up and speak truth to power in their lyrics. It's served as the score for many activists and protesters. And it's also served as inspiration to new generations of musicians, some in a very direct way. Nicole Dillenberg was first moved to songwriting upon hearing Bob Dylan's "North Country Blues" and Dan Frechette (who goes by Bald Dylan) says hearing "Desolation Row" changed his life. Dillenberg and Frechette team up for a Joan Baez/Dylan tribute show at 8pm. [SR]

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan Tribute at Courtside Bistro

    Joan Baez and Bob Dylan Tribute at Courtside Bistro

    The late 1960's, the summer of love and two of that period's most iconic singers, songwriters are paid tribute to tonight. Nicole Dillenberg and Dan Frechette take on songs from albums by Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, in what is a narrated concert that takes on the story of Baez, Dylan and two of their albums from those years. Dillenberg selects from Baez's Any Day Now, an album of songs exclusively written by Dylan. Frechette, who goes by the stage name Bald Dylan tonight, picks from Blonde on Blonde, an album regarded by some as the best of all-time. Tonight, Dillenberg and Frechette tell a story: one of music, a cultural blossoming and two American icons. [GS]

    “WOMAN IN JAZZ, SINGER SONGWRITER, ACTRESS NICOLE DILLENBERG UNITES WITH ZILAH This triple threat is no stranger to the entertainment industry. From film to radio, she is consistent with bringing undeniable art to the industry and we here at Zilah Music Publishing are ecstatic to be working with such a talent.” 

    — Shawn Bailey - Blogspot 

    “Appearing in a long, gold gown and clutching an old time acoustic megaphone (what Bing used to amplify his voice in the early days), Nicole opens the program with a fluid rendition of “You’re A Sweet Little Headache”. With a strong voice and warm, confident onstage persona, Nicole brings a sweet air to her performance.” 

    — Amy Bowker - Entertainment Today 

    “Dillenberg possesses a lovely and velvety voice, reminiscent of Karen Carpenter, although with a darker timbre.” 

    — Beth Temkin - The Tolucan 

    “Nicole Dillenberg’s show, The Popular Songs of World War I, was a nostalgic trip that harkened back to a time — repeated in 1941-1945 but now only a memory — when this country’s fighting men were lauded and the population was virtually unanimous in its support of the War. Dillenberg’s renditions nicely capture the songs’ and that era’s jaunty spirits. With brief intros, she positions her selections sensitively, fashioning an intriguing look back upon that earlier time, as well as an enjoyable show.” 

    — Peter Leavy - Cabaret Scenes 

    “Her alto voice has been described elsewhere as “velvet,” and that will do until a better word springs to mind. What really makes the CD interesting, though, are her dark interpretations of pop music classics. The prime example of this dark elegance is her version of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” the Holland-Dozier-Holland tune recorded by the Supremes in 1966 – and by damned near the whole world since then. In virtually every other recording, the song is sung angrily, as if it expresses hurt high school feelings in the middle of a cafeteria shouting match. This is, of course, a valid approach. However, Ms. Dillenberg plays it differently, a sad slow slant on the song with piano and pain.” 

    — Jeff Myhre - Kensington Review