"Poison Tide"

©2016 Nicole Dillenberg All rights reserved.

Produced by Nicole Dillenberg and Aaron Dauber - 
Mixed by Aaron Dauber - 
Recorded at Franklin Street Studio; Monterey, California - 
The Ballad of Horseface; recorded live and engineered by Dan Frechette - 
Guitars on Welcome To Thirteen; The Ballad of Horseface: Dan Frechette - 
Bass on The Ballad of Horseface: Rick Chelew 
- B.g. vocals on Stepmom: Kristen Gradwohl (courtesy of Valley Soul) - 
B.g. vocals on The Ballad of Horseface: Kiki Wow - 
B.g. vocals on Three Roses: Sean Curtis; Kristina Jacobsen 

All compositions - Nicole Dillenberg (ASCAP) except for: 
Three Roses by Nicole Dillenberg & Kristina Jacobsen (BMI) - 
photography: Michelle Magdalena

Produced by Richard Barron, Eli Brueggemann and Nicole Dillenberg
 Arranged by Eli Brueggemann
 Piano, organ, celeste, synthesizers: Eli Brueggemann
 Bass: Dan Lutz
 Drums/Percussion on “Saturday Night”, “Dirty Work”,
 “You Can Close Your Eyes” & “The Heart of The Matter”: Ray Brinker 
Drums/Percussion on all other tracks: Charlie Paxson
 Guitars: James Harrah
Saxophone: Louis Taylor
 Cello pad: Richard Barron 
Harmony vocal on “The Heart of the Matter” & “Dirty Work”: Makeda
 Harmony vocal on “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” & “Let Me Down Easy”: Eli Brueggemann Recorded at Sonora Recorders in Los Feliz, California, and at Swing House, in Hollywood
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Richard Barron ©2009 Nicole Dillenberg

"Heart of the Matter" - Radio Airplay: 
Jazz Spaces 
94.1 FM Radio 2
 Skopje, Macedonia
Producer  &  Host: Vasja Ivanovski

Musically, "Helen Keller" was inspired by Jimmy Van Heusen's work with Eddie DeLange. Bill Cunliffe, who arranged my first CD, had just won a Grammy, and he did an interview where he talked about taking musical forms, flipping them upside down, re-writing them backwards, etc. That was so gratifying! I thought, well if Bill can do it, so can I. There's some Blossom Dearie in there, too. So I wrote a ballad, and "Helen Keller" at the same time - from the same musical progression. The ballad came easily, but I worked on "Helen" on and off for four years. It is the most complex piece I've ever done. I wrote the instrumental riff directly into my chart - that's not an improv. Originally, I wanted Herb Albert-style trumpets, but it didn't work - the vibe was too harsh. My long-time engineer, Richard Barron, suggested flute. He played it himself. I feel the flute anchors the entire song. To me, "Helen Keller" is about dignity and freedom. Just because a person has a broken heart doesn't mean they can't have some class. All songs written & arranged by Nicole Dillenberg Produced by Richard Barron & Nicole Dillenberg Recorded at the Sound Factory in Hollywood, California Engineer: Richard Barron Assistant: David Schwerkolt Vocals: Nicole Dillenberg Piano: John Boswell Bass: Dan Lutz Percussion: Ray Brinker Guitar on Helen Keller: Andrew McNicholas Flute on Helen Keller: Richard Barron Photo of Nicole: Raquel Krell Cover design: DeAnna Denis © 2012 Nicole Dillenberg

Awarded for the song, "Things" 2013

Produced by Richard Barron, Bill Cunliffe & Nicole Dillenberg Mixed & Engineered by Richard Barron at Sonora Recorders, Los Angeles Special vocal performance on True Love medley: Phil Crosby, Jr. Piano and arrangements: Bill Cunliffe Bass: Chris Colangelo Drums: Joe La Barbera Guitar: John Chiodini Violins: Peter Kent, Erika Walczak, Cameron Patrick, Vladimir Polimatidi Celli: Maurice Grants, Peggy Baldwin Trumpet: Kye Palmer Saxophone & Flute: Rob Lockart Trombone: Charles Morillas Mellotron: Richard Barron Maracas: Chad Travis ©2005 Nicole Dillenberg

"Just like Heaven" - Radio Airplay:
KBSW - Boise, Idaho State Radio 91.7 FM
KCCU - Oklahoma & Texas Public Radio, 89.3 & 102.3 FM
KCPI - Albert Lea, Minnesota Public Radio 94.9FM
KGLP - Gallup, New Mexico Public Radio 91.7
KSDS - San Diego Jazz 88.3 FM (The New Jazz Thing, with Vince Outlaw)
KCHO - Northstate Public Radio 91.7 FM (with Jim Andrews)

("Lies For Christmas" was featured on the soundtrack of this film by Larry Brand)