In her tribute to Baez, Nicole Dillenberg performs selections from “Any Day Now”, the iconic double-album of Bob Dylan songs released by Vanguard in 1968, shortly after Joan Baez and Dylan parted ways. Baez, who was instrumental in putting Dylan on the map, was the very first to sing his songs.

With award-winning singer-songwriter, Dan Frechette ("Bald" Dylan)

Love Minus Zero
You Ain' tGoin Nowhere
I Dreamed I saw St. Augustine
It Ain't Me Babe
Diamonds and Rust
Don't Think Twice
Knocking on Heaven's Door
One Too Many Mornings
(We Shall Overcome)
Walls of Red Wing
Love is Just a Four Letter Word
Boots of Spanish Leather
I Pity The Poor Immigrant

Show history: (2015) Haute Enchilada (Moss Landing, California), Genghis Cohen (Hollywood, California), Chamisal Tennis Club; Safari Club (both in Monterey, California)
Nicole Dillenberg’s show, “Yes To You – A Tribute To Alice Faye”, explores the career of Alice Faye, American sweetheart and screen star of Fox musicals during the 1930s & 40s.
(Musical directors: Bryan Miller, Rick Yramategui)

1. Hello, Frisco, Hello
2. Nasty Man
3. Here’s The Key To My Heart
4. Yes To You
5. Never Say No To A Man
6. Alexander’s Ragtime Band/Slumming On Park Avenue
7. You Can’t Have Everything
8. Got My Mind On Music
9. Never In A Million Years
10. I’m Just Wild About Harry
11. I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak
12. You Say The Sweetest Things
13. Tropical Magic
14. Where You Are
15. You’ll Never Know
16. No Love, No Nothing
17. Swell of You
18. Good Night, My Love

Show history: 2008-2014 Hotel Rex (San Francisco, California); Arthur Newman Theatre (Palm Desert, California); The Gardenia (Hollywood, California); M-Bar/9 on Vine (Hollywood, California); Carmel Valley Community Chapel (Carmel, California); The Park Lane (Monterey, California)
Nicole Dillenberg’s show, “The Popular Songs of World War One” celebrates some of our most treasured popular songs, and honors the thread that runs from Dillenberg’s great grandparents down to her. Though only one American veteran of WW1 survives today, many songs from the era remain famous. From early Irving Berlin, to classics like “Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag”, and “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary”, Dillenberg shares with us how modern and universal these songs truly are—and how, musically, they bridge the gap between hymn and folk song, vaudeville, and the pop songs of today.
Musical Directors: Ron Snyder, Norma Curley)

1. We’re Bound To Get The Kaiser/God Spare Our Boys Over There/We’re Going Over/Over There
2. If He Can Fight Like He Can Love
3. Give Me A Kiss By The Numbers
4. Wait Til You Get Them Up In The Air, Boys
5. Sister Susie’s Sewing Shirts For Soldiers
6. K-K-Katy
7. If You Were The Only Girl In The World
8. Just A Baby’s Prayer At Twilight
9. I Don’t Want To Get Well
10. Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
11. Roses Of Picardy
12. Smiles/Pack Up Your Troubles
13. It’s A Long Way To Tipperary
14. Goodbye, Good Luck, God Bless You/There’s A Long, Long Trail/Till We Meet Again/Keep The Home Fires Burning

Show History: (2008) The Gardenia, M Bar/9 on Vine (Hollywood, California); The Metropolitan Room (New York, New York)
Nicole's retrospective “Too Marvelous For Words - The Love Songs of Bing Crosby,” featuring special guest Phil Crosby, Jr., played at the Gardenia in Hollywood, the Plush Room in San Francisco, and at Helen's in New York City in 2006-2007.
Musical Directors: John Boswell, Shelly Markham

1. You’re A Sweet Little Headache
2. June In January
3. I Found A Million Dollar Baby
4. Learn To Croon
5. Peg O’ My Heart
6. The Weekend Of A Private Secretary
7. Out Of Nowhere
8. You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me
9. Swinging On A Star/Green Love For Walter
10. Moonlight Becomes You
11. Too Marvelous For Words
12. Remember Me
13. P.S. I Love You
14. Two Cigarettes In The Dark
15. I’m Through With Love
16. But Not For Me
17. I’ll Be Seeing You
18. It’s Been A Long, Long Time
19. San Fernando Valley

2016 revival for AT&T week in Pebble Beach: The Junior League of Monterey County, Bon Ton L'Roy's BBQ, Chamisal Tennis Club, all located in Monterey, California

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I'm thrilled to be back on K-Pig radio, backing up the brilliant and talented Kiki Wow (of Kiki Wow Presents). Thanks to Sleepy John, and all the gang at 107.5 on your FM dial. Woo-hoo!

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Nicole Dillenberg

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